Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EVENT ALERT!!! iPhone Developers Conference - 2D and 3D OpenGL intensive 2-day class.

I totally missed this one . . . It snuck by me, but there is still time.

*This is taken right from their site:

360 iDev! Bringing together the best and brightest of the iPhone development community! This 3-day event will take place September 27 to 30, 2009 @ The Curtis Hotel in Denver, CO.

The Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 8020

It is does not have a "3d" emphasis, but there are a couple of classes/workshops.

360iDev – The Speakers – 2D gaming with Cocos2d with Serban Porumbescu
his session will be great for people looking to get into game development. Sure 3D is awesome, but we all start somewhere, and plenty of awesome games (My personal faves) are 2D games.

Make sure you check out Serban’s session and get your brain topped off on cocos2D awesomeness and game dev!

360iDev – Spend the Sat/Sun Sunday before 360iDev learning iPhone OpenGL programming
Designed for CocoaTouch/UIKit programmers, Noel’s class packs everything you need to get started creating high-performance, 2D and 3D OpenGL applications into an intensive 2-day class. The class emphasizes practical knowledge and working code: you’ll write OpenGL apps showing 2D and 3D object rendering, animation, lighting, multitexturing, and point sprites.

Noel’s a master OpenGL programmer with a demonstrated ability to clearly communicate complex, graphics programming topics. He single-handedly created the critically acclaimed Flower Garden App, and his PC/console titles include The Bourne Conspiracy, Darkwatch, the MechAssault series and and Missile Command.

Building the iPhone developer community and increasing the networking within it is our goal. Come share stories (good and bad) about developing for the iPhone!

We’re staggering the price for 360|iDev! All three levels are available first come, first serve. The first 100 tickets at $360, then the rest are $499 After that the price will increase as the show gets nearer. Buy early to get the best deal!

 Here are some reviews of the first 360|iDev: