Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colorado Cutthroat Connection: CutthroatCon 2011


Date: July 30th, 2011  Location: University of Colorado in Denver, 900 Auraria Parkway 80204, Tivoli Building

Stemming from SuperCon 2011, Colorado Cutthroat is proud to present CutthroatCon. Cutthroat Con is part of SuperCon 2K Series and home to the 9th annual Colorado Cutthroat Console Tournament, the state championship for Colorado Cutthroat. CutthroatCon is committed to showcasing game developers, talented artist and talented tournament players in Colorado as well as provide the following for game enthusiasts in Colorado and beyond:

  • Highlight game developers and graphic artists in Colorado and beyond
  • Host a panel of professionals from the gaming industry to educate those
    who attend on aspects of the gaming industry
  • Bring in a celebrity guest from the gaming industry to speak
  • Support those educational institutions that support Colorado Cutthroat throughout
    the year i.e. Westwood College, University of Colorado in Denver
  • Award three awards in the amount 1st - $1000, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250 to
    those students who submit graphic artist and game development work to be judged.
    Total prize money would be $3500

  • Raise charity money for the charity organizations that we work with i.e.Children's
    Hospital and Black Student Services
  • Provide organizations the ability to showcase their product to gamers across
    Colorado and beyond
  • Showcase the talent of competitive and casual video gaming with our 9th
    annual Colorado Cutthroat Console Tournament (State Championship)

Colorado Cutthroat and the NVGA is hosting a one day gaming convention that will provide a wonderful gaming experience for everyone.