Monday, August 23, 2010

JOB ALERT: 3D Maya Artist - Boulder Language Technologies

Boulder Language Technologies
Position Title:
3D Artist
Location:         Boulder, CO

Job Duties(s):
   Boulder Language Technologies is looking for a 3D Maya Artist to join our team of artists and programmers developing content for interactive educational software (elementary school level) using a Flash based 2.5D rendering engine. The project style is a hybrid fusion smörgåsbord of photo-realistic 3D rendering, traditional 2D Flash animation, with an occasional high-res photo or HD video capture smashed in. The ideal candidate must have demonstrated ability to create photo-realistic images in Maya as well as expertise with shader networks and render nodes for multi-pass rendering and post-compositing.

Please send your demo reel and resume to or 2960 Center Green Court Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301.

- Maya
- photo-realistic rendering
- high- and low-polygon design
- expertise with shader networks/render nodes
- experience with multi-pass rendering for post-compositing
- mental ray
- self-motivated

- Adobe Flash
- 87cm+ vertical leap

About BLT
Ron Cole and Wayne Ward founded Boulder Language Technologies in February 2007 to conduct basic and applied research leading to a new generation of computer programs that enable people to interact with computers through completely natural spoken dialogs.  Ron and Wayne left the Center for Spoken Language Research (CSLR), which they co-founded in 1998, to work at BLT.  In 2007,  BLT was awarded two research grants, one from the Institute of Education Sciences of the Department of Education, and one from the National Science Foundation, to develop intelligent tutoring systems to improve science learning by elementary school children through spoken dialogs with a virtual tutor.   We are currently developing these tutoring programs in five areas of science taught in Boulder Valley schools.