Wednesday, April 28, 2010

‘How’ Design Conferences - Denver June 6-8

These are not necessarily ‘3D’ events per se , but if you are a freelancer, creative director, or a designer,  these events are worth checking out.  One of the speakers at In-Howse, Todd Henry is an amazing and runs The Accidental Creative.   
And knowing that 80%+ of the  3D content creators are freelancers,  that conference might really pay off.  I think any of these three events would be worth going to.  See you there.    ---  Cornell

This year, HOW's bringing together the Creative Freelancer Conference, HOW Design Conference and In-HOWse Designer Conference in Denver for one exceptional week of design and creative community building!


Whether you need creative inspiration or hard-hitting instruction, the HOW Conference provides all the tools you need to build a successful career and create outstanding designs. The information you'll get will have an immediate impact on your work.



Creative freelancers face many unique challenges, from work/life balance to seeking out the "right" clients.
See what challenges other freelancers face here.



The in-Howse conference is sponsored by HOW, this annual event addresses the unique challenges faced by in-house creative managers. A powerhouse line-up of leading in-house professionals, art directors and industry consultants show you how to build, manage and maintain a successful, efficient and well-respected creative team