Friday, April 23, 2010

Boulder Digital Arts Workshop: Production and Lighting Techniques for Video

If you are a 3D artist and plan on doing any live action compositing or want to get a better understanding of production lighting, you need to get your hands dirty and play with some “real-world” lights.  This course is not an introductory lighting workshop, so you should have some experience working with lighting equipment.  Understanding the production process and pro lighting techniques, will only take your renders to the next level.  I have not taken any courses yet at Boulder Digital Arts, but I have only heard good things.  --- Cornell

Production And Lighting Techniques for Video

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This workshop is designed for the active shooter who wants to increase their skill level, make the images they're shooting look better, and make the editing process smoother. We will set up and discuss lighting - and audio - for video in various situations, including interior, exterior and available light scenarios as well as good pre-production techniques. We will also discuss a variety of field production tips and tricks so your work looks and sounds better.

This three-hour workshop is specifically geared toward the independent filmmaker! Topics will include composition, using reflectors, exposure, color balance, interview lighting, microphone placement, on-location lighting, and much more. This workshop is a great way to improve your skills as a beginning and intermediate shooter!

Through hands-on demonstrations, this fast-moving workshop will also take a hard look at exactly what gear and production equipment today's independent filmmaker needs to get the job done. The workshop will cover a lot of ground in the hopes of giving independent filmmakers, and aspiring filmmakers, plenty of information regarding using, renting, and purchasing digital video equipment, including camera choices, renting vs. buying, tape formats, on-location lighting options for indoor and outdoor shooting, microphone choices, common accessories needed, and much more.
Please note that this is not a "beginning lighting" workshop.

Presented as a Lecture-Style Workshop:
These are our most affordable training programs designed to introduce a subject quickly and efficiently. Students can take notes from the instructor's projected computer screen, and/or bring their own computer to follow along. Lecture-style workshops are normally held on weekday evenings from 6 pm – 9 pm and contain a maximum of 20 students (average is 5-15).

Who Should Take This:
Participants should have some working knowledge of operating a video camera (consumer or professional), and should have some experience working with lighting equipment. This is not an introductory lighting workshop!

Bruce BorowskyBruce Borowsky has worked as a producer at People Productions in Boulder, Colorado for over ten years. He has worked on a wide variety of projects for both corporate and commercial clientele, not only as producer and director, but also as cameraman, lighting director, and editor. Bruce has been a professional videographer since 1988, before that he was a professional still photographer. Prior to joining People Productions, Bruce worked for adventure photographer Galen Rowell in Berkeley. Once in Boulder, he produced the national television series "The Climbing Show." Bruce''s award-winning 2003 documentary, "18 days, 16 hours," a personal documentary detailing his race across the Atlantic Ocean in a 72 foot sailboat, illustrates his vast experience shooting in unlikely places, whether racing on a sailboat in the middle of a hurricane, or hanging off a rock ledge in Yosemite.

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