Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animation student chosen for Disney internship


UC Denver CAM Digital Animation student,
Rebecca Forth and her dog, Yukon

*This happened last summer, but I over looked it.  I figured it is still worth posting though.  Very Cool!!!  ---  Cornell

Disney is the place "where dreams come true" for University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media (CAM) junior Rebecca Forth. She has been chosen to complete an internship with Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA.

Earlier this year, Forth attended SIGGRAPH, a computer animation fair in Los Angeles, Calif. where she learned about an internship with Disney Animation Studios. She will be working as a lighting & compositing talent development intern for 10 weeks starting June 15. Of approximately 15 applicants, Forth was the number one choice.

Forth said her education at the UC Denver CAM Digital Animation Center aided her ability to receive this internship 100 percent. "I knew nothing when I started the program," she said. "My professor, Howard Cook, showed me that I had a talent for lighting, and I enjoy doing it."

While this internship may or may not secure a job for Forth, working with Disney will give her great references for the future. "Anybody can get internships. Hard work and effort goes a long way," she said.

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