Wednesday, March 31, 2010

‘A Complex Villainelle,’ A Student Short Film from the University of Colorado

The Digtal Animation Center at University of Colorado just finished their latest short film ‘A Complex Villainelle’    I hear it was a lot of work, took them about a year and a half or so,  and the best learning experience you can get – beginning to end film production.  I think the class of 2010 did an awesome job!

Check it out and see what the Denver Area Animation students are doing.

Before he became the overweight obsessive sadsack of his later years, the Penguin was a poet and a dandy, who through lavish parties and was an expert with umbrella flight. Looking for love, he is introduced to a lovely nanny who also prefers travel by umbrella. The results are not as he had dreamed, his hopes dashed by a mysterious stranger in a black cape.

About the Film production process
This short film was in production for a year and a half, and is the creation of 20 students at the University of Colorado at Denver’s Digital Animation Program. The story written and narrated by Jonathan Goldstein, of National Public Radio and WBEZ Chicago's This American Life and host of the CBC's Wiretap and has been brought to life in 3D by the students of the Digital Animation Center’s class of 2010.

The Digital Animation Center engages their senior students in a three semester capstone series of courses in which the students must form a working animation studio with the intention of the immersing themselves in a creative collaborative work environment, obtaining real life experience in producing a film. Students are provided a story from which they develop the story, create preproduction/previzualization assets, develop a production pipeline and complete a high-production value animated short film. The 18 month production mimics as closely as possible the production environment of the major animation studios throughout the world. Students manage the production, holding leadership positions under the mentorship of DAC faculty. The end result for the class of 2010 is A Complex Villainelle