Monday, January 25, 2010

Ralph Bakshi interview ‘Surviving Tough Times’

mighty-mouse I love Denver and never want to move;  It is beautiful here and I love the people.  We need to further build the 3D community here and support each other in our endeavors.   We do not need Hollywood to build Denver’s animation scene, we just need the passion to make animations and the support of each other.   Everyday, I here people saying that they want to work at Pixar, let me tell you I wouldn’t turn down a job there, but the thing is there are hundreds of people that would even pay to work for Pixar.   That is pretty stiff competition, so I say “Start making films in Denver”

Ralph Bakshi is an animation and live-action director and in the following interview at Comic-Con, puts it this way.   “Make your own film!!!  . . . You guys are sitting today with the world in your hands, entire studios are in one box”

There is nothing that is stopping us except ourselves and I know the talent is here; I have seen it.

Watch this inspiring Ralph Bakshi interview ‘Surviving Tough Times’