Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellen Woodbury - Disney Animator Show "From Magic Dust to Marble Dust"

Ellen Woodbury Disney Animator

Loveland Museum Gallery February 27 through April 11, 2010.

"From Magic Dust to Marble Dust," will feature 2 of Ellen’s animated scenes (one from Aladdin and one from The Lion King) along with ruffs and model sheets, gallery cels, maquettes, and thumbnails from Hercules and The Lion King.  There will have a tape loop running of some of the work on a monitor along with the Disney artwork. Also featured will be my pastel life drawing and her stone sculpture.

Opening Reception March 12. from 5-6 pm
She will present a 1-hour (or so) talk on her work as an animator and how that experience has influenced my stone sculpting career. The reception will then run until 8 pm. I will also present a bouncing ball lecture on March 20 and a flipbook-making workshop on March 27.