Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knott Laboratory: First in the United States Interactive Animation in Forensic Engineering

Knott Laboratory of Centennial, CO, provides forensic engineering and computer animation services to comprehensively reconstruct accidents.

Knott Laboratory Continues to Lead: A traditional animation presents the graphical visualization of the accident as the event takes place. A testifying expert or attorney only has the option to play and stop. The new Knott Laboratory Interactive Presentation (KLIP©) revolutionizes the field of forensic engineering because the presenter is in full control of the presentation. The presenter can go forward, backwards, change the camera view or zoom by simply using the mouse. Just like in video gaming, the level of detail and the interactivity can be tailored to the users needs.
The interactive 3-D environment allows for a full exploration of a scene of the accident, or a patent case. The user is in control and has the ability to take apart a component of a complex assembly with just a click of the mouse. It allows the technical expert or even an attorney or adjuster to drive the presentation, and unlike traditional models or flat photo displays, the 3-D nature also keeps the visual feel of reality, adding to the overall impact of the presentation for court, arbitration, mediation, or settlement