Saturday, October 3, 2009

JOB ALERT: Sr Programmer/Lead – NetDevil

Sr Programmer/Lead
Location: NetDevil-Louisville / Denver, CO
Job Code: 134 # of openings: 1

Description: Sr Programmer / Lead

NetDevil Studios is creating an exciting new MMO. We need Artists, Designers, Programmers, Managers, and others with super abilities – send us your resume to begin your day-job and secure your future. NetDevil is located in Louisville, CO, recently voted by Money Magazine as the best place to live in the US. NetDevil is a division of Gazillion Entertainment, one of the largest independent developers of MMO games in North America.

This position is a very challenging role requiring deep knowledge in multiple disciplines. This person is required to lead a team of programmers and mentor and guide them while also being a significant contributor to the project's technical requirements. This person is also responsible for overall architecture, system design and integration. Additionally, this role requires interfacing with other parties involved in MMO development including operations, deployment and publishing teams.

Essential Functions:

  • Lead and mentor team of programmers in the development of all aspects of an MMO game
  • Plan and execute technical implementation game features
  • Must assist with integration of tool chain and asset pipelines
  • Respond to programming issues and decide best course of action and priority
  • Communicate decisions to producer and associate producer
  • Evaluate and improve code quality
  • Maintain client and server performance
  • Break down tasks and provide time estimates to Production for scheduling
  • Keep up to date with game programming trends and technologies

Functional Knowledge:

  • Extremely fluent in .NET/C+/C# (5+ years)
  • Knowledge of Math, especially 3D programming math
  • Knowledge of Shader programming
  • Knowledge of database programming and integration with game code
  • Knowledge of client/server programming in a highly scalable environment
  • Experience with Visual Studio .NET or greater
  • Experience with scripting languages (Ex. Python, Lua, UnrealScript, GameMonkey Script, Perl, Rexx, Tcl, etc.)
  • Experience with Version Control Software (Ex. Alienbrain, Perforce, Subversion, Source Safe, etc.)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • At least 5 years experience developing in the video game space
  • Shipped and operated at least one MMO
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent work experience
  • Passion for games
  • Willing to relocate to Louisville, CO area (north of Denver) for full-time engagement
  • Salary based on experience; 401k, health insurance, and other benefits provided