Sunday, September 13, 2009

COOL STUFF!!! Denver Museum of Nature & Science - commercial

Here is a great 3D animation commercial for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.   Although I think Smoke & Mirrors New York did a awesome job on this commercial, it was not produced locally. The question I have is, why didn't a Denver animation house produce this? I mean I know the answer, but we need to have a stronger presence and produce majority of the local work if not all.  We have the local talent. We have the resources. We should not let any of this projects escape Denver!!! 

Here is the brief from the animation team:
Smoke & Mirrors New York (SMNY) teamed with Carmichael Lynch Minneapolis this past winter to launch a beautifully quirky spot for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science that showcases the New York studio's ability to complete a project from production through post.

The "silent movie" like spot features the improbable, but amusing scenario of a giant dinosaur playfully slipping and sliding across a frozen pond. A stirring classical number runs in the background as the brontosaurus crashes, struggles, pirouettes, and ultimately topples back to the ice. The spot ends with a superimposed graphic: "Dinosaurs. Ancient Fossils. New Discoveries. Coming this winter to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science."

Carmichael Lynch's Executive Integrated Producer Brynn Hausmann comments, "It was an incredible experience at Smoke & Mirrors, the process could not have been more seamless. We had lots of fun and a very satisfying creative experience."


Via our recently ramped up 3D department we were able to create, rig, animate and render the entire project in under a month. Smoke & Mirrors filmed the live-action backgrounds in Central Park, then the Manhattan skyline was replaced with the Denver Museum area in post.

Every detail from the ice cracking under the reptile's tremendous weight, to ice chips flying from its slipping feet were rendered to create a believable, cohesive scene.