Saturday, May 2, 2009

JOB ALERT!!! 3D Game/Simulation Programmer - Medical Simulation Corporation

Medical Simulation Corporation
Denver, Colorado - United States
Project: Simulation-based medical training
Software Utilized: Boost, Windows, C++, Direct3D, DirectX, MAYA, Photoshop, MAYA API, MELScript, Microsoft Visual Studio, Perforce, Python, STL, Visual C++, Visual Studio, Visual, Win32, XML
Relocation: Yes
Start Date: Immediately
Required Spoken Language(s): English
Required Work Auth.: United States
Job Description and Responsibilities:
We are seeking a talented software developer who loves graphics and wants to join a motivated, highly-skilled and growing C++ development team.
About Medical Simulation Corporation:
Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) develops high-tech simulation training programs used by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. We have been doing this for more than 10 years and are the worldwide leader in our area of simulation training. Because of this, we are increasing the size of our C++ software team in order to provide more training programs to our customers.

Our simulations run on high-end Windows PCs with custom hardware. They are developed in-house using C++ with an emphasis on solid OO design. The development work is similar to video game development: we have internal mesh-based models (the anatomy), objects interact with the models and other objects based on physics, the displays provide a realistic atmosphere in order to engage the user (xray, ekg, ultrasound...), and logic guides the user through the training (proper patient treatment, response to complications...).

MSC is based in Denver, Colorado with 300 days of sunshine each year - more than San Diego or Miami Beach (see for more info). We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package including 401k, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, FSA and a range of optional benefits. Dress is casual.

About the Position:
You will be part of the core development team developing our simulation training programs. We will utilize your graphics knowledge and experience to display complex medical devices, improve our xray and ultrasound visualization tools, simulate contrast injections and much more. We need you to be flexible and well-rounded because we have a lot to do!

If you're interested in joining our team, please e mail your resume to Please include the title of the position you are interested in and where you read about the opening. Also, please check out our new website content at
We seek a candidate with the following skills:
- 2 to 6 years C++ programming experience in a Windows / Visual Studio environment
- DirectX experience, including knowledge of shader / GPU programming
- 3D game (or simulation) graphics programming experience
- Clear understanding of OO programming concepts
- Team player with excellent communication skills
- Openness to exploring and integrating third-party solutions / middleware
- Very strong skills in 3D math and modern computer graphics technology (ch/HLSL shaders, skinning, animation, etc)
Desired Skills and Pluses:
Desirable (though not required) skills include:
- Familiarity with core engine design, game logic, animation techniques, and environment interaction
- Experience with toolset development, including plugins for Maya / 3DSMax
- Shipped at least one title