Saturday, April 18, 2009

EVENT ALERT!!! Direct Marketing Seminar from Raymond Hutchins an Interactive Entertainment Specialist and Consultant

On May 1st, their will be a Direct Marketing Seminar from Raymond Hutchins an interactive entertainment specialist and consultant. He is a successful businessman, founder and president of Sim Games Exchange and RH & Associates. During this 2-hour seminar, he will share the secrets and details of successful direct marketing.

Friday, May 1st, 3 pm - 5 pm Community Room 1391 Speer Blvd., Suite 850 Denver, CO 80204

Please RSVP ASAP directly to Raymond Hutchins: The seminar room accommodates only 30 people, so please, if you say you are coming…then be sure you do, so that someone else is not shut out of the seminar.

Here is part of what the seminar will cover:

What Direct Marketing Is and What it Isn’t.

The Futility of Trying to Create Motivation.

What is Copywriting?

Who is Really is Your Customer?

Defining What Your Benefits Are?

What is Your Value Statement?
How to Find Your Customers.
What Does a Customer Cost?
The Importance of Making the Sale Before the Sale.
Establishing Commonality With Your Customer.
The Importance of Strong Proof Elements.
Using Facts and Figures.
Short Copy or Long Copy?
The Most Persuasive Tool in Advertising and How to Use It.
The One Thing You Must Do Before Writing Any Advertising Copy.
7 Step Formula for Succeeding Online.

The Cracker Jack Secret.
Lead generation.

Proof and Risk Reversal Strategies.

Telling stories.
The Power of Testimonials.
Dealing With Customer Objections-Before they Object.

The Power of Free.
Split-run Testing.

Direct Marketing Seminar: Free Parking Code: 6289 and Directions:
The seminar will be held in the Community Conference Room of Jobing.Com, which is located on the 8th floor of the office building at 1391 Speer Boulevard, Suite 850 in Denver.

1391 is at the corner of 14th and Speer on the right hand side as you are traveling SE on Speer. Due to the various one-way streets, you’ll have to go to 13th and take a right and then go to the next street (Santa Fe) and circle back north to 14th. Then, take another right to get to the entrance to the building which is on the North side. Turn right into the parking garage and to the top floor.

Park anywhere and look for the two parking ticket machines. Your code for free parking is 6289. Place the ticket on the dashboard of your car. Come on into the building and look for on the 8th floor.