Sunday, March 22, 2009

Event Review: Create Denver Expo

The 4th annual Create Denver Expo was a day-long event providing creative individuals and businesses an opportunity to learn and gain awareness of the various services and programs available in the Denver area. There were 37 workshops on various topics led by experts in the fields of marketing, personal and business finance, media relations, music and film production, and public art.

First of all, Mayor Hickenlooper was supposed to start the event and he did not show up for some reason. I have nothing else to say about that.

The Qdoba lunch was a waste of money; it looked like leftovers and we were the one of the first groups to eat.

With that said, it was a great event and I recommend going next year. There was not any visible representation from the 3D industry and I think next year we should all go to make our Denver presence known. There were tons of people from advertising, the graphic design industry and film industry. These people, in my opinion, hire 3D artists and we should all be friends.

The keynote, Elaine Mariner, Executive Director, Colorado Council on the Arts discussed the state of Colorado's creative economy, which was very interesting. She basically preached the words of Daniel Pink and Richard Florida relating it to the Denver area. I have read all of Pink’s and Florida’s books and believe in their ideas and research. It was a great presentation.

The Anatomy of a Major Studio Film Deal (Replin & Rhoades, LLC) was my favorite workshop. Steve Replin and Laurie Rhoades are both attorneys that specialize in entertainment law. Their practice includes the representation of film makers, writers, musicians, studios, museums, those in the fashion industry, and all others in the creative arts. During the workshop they basically broke down a typical film production contract, pointing out the areas one should be concerned with and the mistakes people have made.

Next year I will let you about the event way in advance; it kinda slipped past me this year