Saturday, February 14, 2009

Colorado Gaming Companies (as far as I know)

21-6 Productions - - Somewhat Colorado based developer working on Myrmidon, using the Torque Game Engine

Anark - - High-end, interactive 3D development.

Atomic Boy Software - - Developer of "Empires of Steel" and Game-Developer Blog

Baldwin Consulting
- - Game design and development consulting

- - Developer and publisher of Flash and Shockwave free online games.

Creative Brain Studios - - Game Developer in Boulder creating games for the Playstation, PC, Xbox, and MMORPG's

Digital Gamers - - A new company developing online versions of the Starfire board game

DreamQuest Software - - Developer of fine shareware card games. Their Championship Euchre was an IGF finalist for 2002.

G2 Interactive - - Working on Falcon V as Force 12 Studios

Hero Sphere
- - The game Hero Sphere, based on the original game Hero

Idol Minds - - Developing games primarily for PS2

Leviathan Games - - Web-Based games

Masque Publishing - - Game software publisher.
- - Resource for Massively Multi-player Online Games

Maxum Games - a Colorado based entertainment company exclusively for next-generation gaming platforms

Music WIzard - - Creators of Piano Wizard and Guitar Wizard.

Net Devil - - Developers of the forthcoming Auto Assault and the Persistent Online RPG Jump Gate

Sony Online Entertainment
- - Developers of the Lord Of The Rings: Online Trading Card Game and others